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Products and Pricing

Our Products

3000psi 4.5sk$120.00 per yard
3000psi 5sk$122.50 per yard
3500psi 5.5sk$125.00 per yard
4000psi 6sk$127.50 per yard
4500psi 6.5sk$130.00 per yard
5000psi 7sk$132.50 per yard
Fiber $7.00 per yard
0.5% Accelerator$3.00 per yard
Super Plasticizer$12.00 per yard
Pea Gravel$6.00 per yard more

Short Haul Fees

Fee NamePrice
1 yard$160.00
1.5 yards$150.00
2 yards$135.00
2.5 yards$125.00
3 yards$110.00
3.5 yards$100.00
4 yards$90.00
4.5 yards$75.00
5 yards$60.00
5.5 yards$45.00
6 yards$35.00
6.5 yards$25.00

Other Fees

Fee NamePrice
Fuel fee$35.00 per truck (waived if 100yds a day is poured)
Credit/Debit Card fee$3.00 per yard more
* Special Note: Trucks carry a maximum of 10 Yards

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